Tips for Requesting a Conveyor Quote

One of the first steps in the process of ordering a material handling solution is to get it quoted. Hytrol’s Quoting Department completes around 7,000 quotes a year, and we are dedicated to offering the best conveying solution. With a little planning and research, you can ensure that your quote is processed quickly and accurately with the best solution available.

Requiring a quote from the Quoting Department is only necessary when ordering a conveyor that is not standard. Standard conveyors can be easily quoted and ordered through HEROES/HyCAD. To enter a quote for items not configured on HEROES/HyCAD, simply complete and submit the quote sheet, located in the top-right corner of Hynet, or send an e-mail with the conveyor information included to

Here are a couple of tips to help get your quote processed quickly and accurately.

1.    Enter as many of the details as you can into HEROES/HyCAD. This will give the quoting specialist a head start completing your ticket.

2.    The quote sheet includes all pertinent information needed for a quote. Provide as much information as possible when submitting your request for a quote. There might be lots of questions to answer, but they are all necessary to provide the best solution for the customer.

3.    Here’s a detailed breakdown of the quote sheet.

Length – How long does the conveying surface need to be?

Model – Do you know the Hytrol model? If not, speak with the Quoting Department for advice on which one will work best for your project.

Belt width – How wide is the belt, if applicable?

OAW & RLR – What is the overall width of the conveyor (from outside of frame to outside of frame)? What are the roller centers needed?

Support and elevation – What elevation will your conveyor need to be, TOR (top of roller) or TOB (top of belt)? Will the conveyor be ceiling hung?

Speed – How fast will the conveyor run? This helps determine the motor size.

Motor – What size motor will you need? If you don’t know, use the drive calculation formula on HyNet under the Electronic Tech Manual (ETM) and formulas or speak with the Quoting Department for advice on which motor would work best for your project.

Type of item handled – What items will be conveyed? This is important because the conveyor needs to be built to convey the product you have and withstand load. Our goal is to match the product with the right conveyor.

Size, weight and color of all products – What is the size and weight of the product conveyed? Are there various sizes or are they the same size? Yes, even color matters when you are choosing the type of sensing methods used with EZLogic®.

Shock loading – Will there be shock (impact) loading? Conveyor systems that are forklift loaded or have heavy products that are being waterfalled onto our conveyor may need impact plates or heavy-duty bearings installed to absorb the impact.

Rate of Items per hour – How fast will the product need to travel from Point A to Point B? This helps properly size the drive and horsepower for the motor. If right angle transfers or diverts are being used, what is the cycle time needed?

Total live load – What will be the total weight on the conveyor at a given time? It is imperative that the supports, frame and drive can handle the total load.

Will the conveyor be stopped and started under full load – Will the motor and drive have the capacity to handle the starts and stops required under full load?

Max. starts per minute – How many times will the conveyor be started in a minute? Your conveyor may require a different motor based on the starts.

How often will the conveyor be used – How many hours per day will the conveyor run?

Reversible – Does the conveyor need to flow in both directions?

Paint – What color will the conveyor be painted? All conveyors ship Hytrol Green unless otherwise stated.

Special motors or drives – Does the motor or drive require any specifications? Brand, voltage, phase, cycles, etc.

Conditions around the conveyor – Are there any environmental issues that should be considered? Is there excessive heat or cold, humidity or water, possible product leakage, etc.? The conveyor will need to be equipped to handle these conditions.

Remember you can always contact the Quoting Department with questions. Their goal is to provide a competitive price with the ideal solution for your customer’s application needs. For quotes or more information, contact them at

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