Working Alongside the Supply Chain Crisis

The supply chain crisis. You hear about it every day, whether you are trying to purchase a vehicle or a favorite brand of all-purpose cleaner— but what does that truly entail?

This crisis began at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, put into play by the question, “What happens when cities, companies, and governments shut down?” As companies began to send employees home, those same employees began putting increased demand on the products that were suddenly less in production.

Now, that issue has snowballed. According to, 94% of Fortune 1000 companies are seeing supply chain disruptions from COVID-19. 75% of businesses had negative or strongly negative impacts, and 55% of companies plan to downgrade their growth outlooks (or have already done so). Companies are facing tremendous stress on getting items they need to produce.

Even when companies were able to build back some degree of inventory, the disruption moved further down the chain. Now the lack of dockworkers, truck drivers, and warehouse workers are impacting the delivery of parts and goods. This causes a strain on providing customers with the highest level of services.

Companies around the world are finding ways to combat the stress that has been placed on the supply chain. They are searching for quicker transportation and efficient automation. Adequate automation allows a company’s operations to perform more efficiently if fewer workers are currently present in their facility.

We can see in the e-commerce industry that pop-up shops are becoming more popular. These buildings are creating shorter total ship times because they are located closer to larger metro areas. These buildings need equipment that is safe to use with inexperienced employees, that doesn’t need to be permanently attached to the structures, that can operate with lower horsepower, and that doesn’t require permits.

Hytrol has developed a line of products that can help facilities fight the ongoing battle of the supply chain crisis, and quickly. The E24 line supplies end users with an easy and fast solution to automate their supply chain issues. With quick ship rates, efficient automation, and the ability to be placed without additional building modifications, the E24 is a favorable choice for those in the supply chain industry.

To learn more about Hyrol’s E24 product line, contact one of our Integration Partners today. 

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