Advantages of Choosing a Plastic Chain Conveyor

connex_pc.jpgThanks to the popularity of plastic chain conveyors, more companies are opting for the flexible, low-profile design these conveying solutions offer. Plastic chain conveyors can serve specific needs and perform well with specific industries, such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, personal care applications and more.

With advances being made daily, this kind of solution is becoming more established alongside the traditional conveyor styles, such as roller conveyor. The following describes four advantages this plastic chain solution offer to companies considering a unique material handling solution:


Plastic chain conveyors boast a flexible, modular design that can be easily modified to fit your facility’s space–no welding required. With the variety of accessories available, it’s simple to add, remove or rearrange portions with your already existing plastic chain system. So if your business is the type that rotates product packaging frequently and needs a system to accommodate that, this type of solution can be a great fit.

Preserves Package Quality

When you have fragile or finished products that need to be conveyed, it’s important to preserve the packaging as it goes from Point A to Point B. By using a plastic chain conveyor, blemished or damaged products can be avoided. The plastic belt and overall structure of the Connex™ line is designed to gently handle a wide variety of products.

Belt Tracking and Product Integrity

A plastic chain conveyor utilizes sprockets instead of pulleys. With this design, there are no belt tracking issues to deal with. Products can maintain their integrity and position throughout the system. The design and modularity of the belt provides ease of maintenance and a simplified installation.

Assembled and Tested

As with any material handling solution, assembly testing is vital to guarantee a functioning product will be delivered to the end user. That’s why Hytrol assembles and tests every Connex™ plastic chain conveying system to ensure everything is as it should be before it’s shipped. Since components for our lines (especially the aluminum line) are available within the plant’s vicinity, lead times are considerably shorter compared to other products.

With our industry’s sights set on accommodating market demands while operating with a lower environmental impact, the plastic chain conveyor system proves to be a cost-effective solution with many advantages.

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