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Chris Woodall

Chris Woodall is Manager of Integrator Services and previously served as Product Manager of Hytrol's modular belt line, Connex. He has more than 20 years in the material handling industry. You can e-mail Chris at

What Else Can Connex™ Do For You?

Connex Plastic Chain Conveyor

Connex™ is Hytrol’s line of plastic chain conveyors built with an aluminum frame. While Connex is typically used to carry small items, the aluminum it utilizes also provides great versatility for product design and construction. These materials can be used…

Advantages of Choosing a Plastic Chain Conveyor

Connex Plastic Chain Conveyor

Thanks to the popularity of plastic chain conveyors, more companies are opting for the flexible, low-profile design these conveying solutions offer. Plastic chain conveyors can serve specific needs and perform well with specific industries, such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, personal…