What Else Can Connex™ Do For You?

Connex™ is Hytrol’s line of plastic chain conveyors built with an aluminum frame. While Connex is typically used to carry small items, the aluminum it utilizes also provides great versatility for product design and construction. These materials can be used to build conveyors, but can also solve other issues with your material handling system. Check out some of the unique options we can build for you as part of your system.

Camera stands. Cameras are used during the shipping process for barcode scanning. How are those cameras mounted for package scanning? The Connex materials are used to create lightweight and durable camera stands. The design also offers flexibility to be easily moved if needed.

Guardrails. Many production areas include restricted access zones. Connex’s aluminum frame is strong enough to create railings to block off areas in the warehouse. The rails can even be painted to standout for safety, caution, etc.

Tables, desks. Operators sometimes need a work station or desk near the conveyor, and we can build one with Connex. These stations can be constructed with the operator’s specific needs in mind and will also perfectly match the design of the conveyor system.

Control system mounting. The conveyor system’s controls can easily be constructed with the Connex materials. You can work closely with Hytrol’s engineers to find the optimal configuration and location for your conveyor system’s customized panel.

Seating. Depending on the warehouse layout, seating might be needed for employees or visitors. Connex’s aluminum construction provides a lightweight and durable frame for benches.

Storage, shelving, bins, etc. Workstations for employees are an easy build with Connex. The aluminum provides a strong and dependable frame for a variety of items to be stored, and casters can easily be added for mobility. Storage bins can be built to house large or small items. Shelving systems are another simple solution for storage with the Connex materials.

These are only a few accessories that can be built with Connex to accompany your system. The limit is your imagination. Contact Chris Woodall, Connex Product Manager, for more information about Connex at 870-972-8937.


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