Ask Hytrol: How to Adjust the Air Pressure on the Extenda Pusher

Hytrol’s Extenda Pusher is used to provide 90° sortation with limited space. The speed of the pusher depends on the weight of the product being pushed and can be controlled by adjusting the main pressure regulator.

For consistent product weights within 5 pounds, set the pressure at 60 PSI. Place the product on the conveyor, and operate the pusher. If the pusher throws the product or causes it to tumble, decrease the main air pressure by approximately 10 PSI. Also, adjusting flow control valve Port A may be required to decrease airflow. Repeat the test. Port B is typically opened to its maximum setting. Repeat this process until optimal pushing is achieved.

For product weights that vary, repeat the steps as before. This time, select the lowest pressure that will push the heaviest product at the required speed.

If the pushing action is unacceptable for the lightest product, vary the main pressure as previously described to find the setting that works best for the majority of product weights.

Please note that the flow control valve may require adjustment after the main pressure change.

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