Ask Hytrol: How to Change a Belt on the RBE24EZ

Using lock-out tag-out procedures, disconnect the E24™ power supply. Make sure all lights on the E24™ card are off.

Unplug the E24™ motor from the card, remove the motor and set it to the side.

Now, remove the drive roller from the discharge end of the zone and then remove the remaining rollers from the zone. Unthread the belt from the tracking guides and completely remove the old belt.

Place the new belt inside the frame and thread the drive roller through the belt.

Now, thread the belt in the tracking guides, then reinsert the rollers through the belt.

Reinstall the motor, ensuring the coupler is present. Plug in the motor into the card and switch the disconnect to the “ON” position.

You have successfully replaced a belt on the RBE24EZ. For more maintenance tips and information, contact your Hytrol solutions provider.

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