Ask Hytrol: How to Adjust the Chain Tension on a Drag Chain Conveyor

Ask Hytrol is our monthly video series focused on specific topics to help you maintain your conveyor system and learn about new technology. In this video, you will learn how to adjust the chain tension on a drag chain conveyor.

Following proper lockout/tagout procedures, remove the chain guard. Loosen the four bolts that fasten the takeup bracket to the bearing support side channels.

To adjust the tension, turn the jackbolt clockwise to tighten or counterclockwise to loosen the chain.

Please note that the length of the unit will be a determining factor in the tension of the chain. For example, the chain may be quite loose on a longer unit.

Upon the adjustment of the chain, retighten the mounting bolts and replace the chain guard. Next, turn the conveyor on, and listen for any unwanted noises. If the conveyor unit is making a “clapping” or “clicking” noise, this may indicate that the chain is too loose or too tight.

It is important to adjust all chains on the unit to the same specifications, as improper alignment may cause extensive wear to the drive components.

For more maintenance tips and information, please contact a Hytrol solutions provider.

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