Ask Hytrol: EZLogic® Zone Status Lights

Welcome to Ask Hytrol. Today, we’re going to talk about reading EZLogic® LED indicator lights to determine zone status. The first step when troubleshooting an error on any Hytrol EZLogic® model of conveyor is to determine whether or not it is an EZLogic® problem.

First, let’s recap what the LED indicator lights represent. The amber LED has two indicators: a steady on amber LED means there is no object detected. A steady off amber LED indicates there is an object detected.

The Green LED indicates the power. When the green LED is on, power is on. If the green LED is showing a fast flash, a jam has been detected. If the green LED is showing a quick flash on, the zone is in sleep mode.

The red LED tells us whether the zone should be driving or not. A steady on red LED indicates that the zone should be driving. A steady off red LED indicates the zone is stopped.

To determine whether a troubleshooting issue is an EZLogic® issue, you need to determine whether or not the zone status matches what the EZLogic® controller is representing. For example, if the zone is not driving, but should be, does EZLogic® show a steady red LED? If EZLogic® is showing an incorrect function, and that incorrect function is being repeated in the zone, EZLogic® is at fault. If EZLogic® is showing the correct function, but the zone is performing an incorrect function, EZLogic® may be set to the incorrect zone output mode.

Check the on-to-stop vs off-to-stop settings for your model. If the output mode is correct, then there is likely a mechanical issue. If you have determined it to be an EZLogic® issue, consult EZLogic® troubleshooting. If EZLogic® is not at fault, consult your conveyor model’s installation manual for mechanical troubleshooting information.

You should now be able to determine zone status by reading EZLogic® LED indicator lights. For more help troubleshooting other EZLogic® issues, contact Hytrol’s Customer Care team by emailing or by calling 1-844-4HYTROL.

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