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Digital Marketing 101 for Manufacturers

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One of the most dangerous sentences in business is, “It’s always been done this way,” and that is doubly true when talking to material handling and manufacturing companies. The way we do business is always changing due to customer demands, and the way we market ourselves must change, too.

Creating a Safe Work Environment with 5S

One of the foundational cornerstones of workplace safety is good housekeeping. In simple terms, you need a well-organized, clean workplace that is free of clutter and congestion. The 5S methodology is foundationally the same as the principle of good housekeeping.…

5 Ways That Lean Can Help Any Business

Six Sigma

Lean manufacturing, often simply referred to as “Lean,” is a set of operational tools and philosophies that, when applied, create a quality product at maximum value to benefit customers. The practice involves considering the customer’s needs in all aspects of…

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in the Workplace

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Per a recent study, as many as 82 million Americans with employer-based coverage have a pre-existing condition. Ranging from chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease to life-threatening illnesses like cancer, these kinds of health issues have a significant impact…

David Peacock: Managing Growth

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In many aspects, these are heady days in the material handling industry. Technology is colliding in many areas to create incredible opportunities. Often when this happens, success can appear simple. These conditions can make it easy for many to achieve…

Advantages of Choosing a Plastic Chain Conveyor

Connex Plastic Chain Conveyor

Thanks to the popularity of plastic chain conveyors, more companies are opting for the flexible, low-profile design these conveying solutions offer. Plastic chain conveyors can serve specific needs and perform well with specific industries, such as food packaging, pharmaceuticals, personal…

Manufacturing an Optimal Customer Experience

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Companies are having to reinvent their strategies surrounding customer loyalty. A great example of an industry having to rethink its tactics regarding their customers is the manufacturing industry. As the field has become more competitive and saturated, manufacturing companies face…